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kinnistu test


test info

Beginning of auction: 06.03.2017 12:49
End of auction:
31.05.2017 12:49
Special conditions:

ok .e

Initial price:
10 000 €
reserve price auction
Reserve price – The lowest price at which the Seller is obliged to sell the Object of Sale. The Reserve price is entered in euros, rounded to the nearest euro, with the amount concealed from Buyers. The maximum amount of the Reserve price may be twice the Starting Price. If the final bid made by the Highest Bidder is lower than the Reserve price, the Seller is not obliged to sell the Object of Sale. In such a case the Seller may make an offer to the Highest Bidder to purchase the Object of Sale for a price lower than the Reserve price.
Price interval: 0 €
Extended closing: 10 minutes
Final price: 20 000 €